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Illegal relationship in Mahabaratha
— by Murugan Murugan
First of all I appologize that I am not able to type this in Tamil. I have read Rajaji's Mahabaratha and was reading Jeya by Devdutt Patnaik. I have seen the B.R. Chopra's Mahabaratha with the commentary in Thuglak. With many differences between these narrations I always was wondering "Is there a original Mahabaratha?". When I was searching for this in the internet I came across Ganguli's Mahabaratha in English. Somehow I perfer reading Mahabaratha in Tamil than in English. When I saw there is an effort to translate that in Tamil I was really happy. Thanks for the monumental effort and let Vyasa be with you to finish this effort in glory.

Now, coming to the topic. I am not sure if this topic was discussed before in detail. Eventhough I like Mahabaratha which talks about so many good things, I was always baffled by the amount of illegal relationships shown in Mahabaratha. I have given few examples below.

1. Right fromt he birth of Vyasa. A great muni like Parasarra shown a moment of weakness
2. Birth of Pandu and Dhritarastra
3. Birth of Pandavas
4. Birth of Drona, eventhough there is no illegal relationship here but it showed the moment of weakness of the great sage Bharadwaja

If you read Devdutt Patnaik's Jeya, there are more things in the way Chandravamsam was even created.

This creates problem when you teach Mahabaratha to my daughter or even explain it to people of other religion

Let me know if there is any answer to this question