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Re: தர்மம் அதர்மத்தை அநீதியால் வெல்வதால் என்ன பெருமை?
— by Narmatha Narmatha

Cutting Poorisiravas Hand:
3) Arjuna saw Poorisiravus torturing Sathyagi by breaking the rule that if anyone is tired and not in a state to fight they must be ignored. Then only he decided to save him. Just think when you are going by walk in the road and a person beating another person (who is so much dull not in a state to stand) what will you genrally think (saving the another person is secondary which most of us wont do in this KALI YUGA).
you will sure think that another person must be saved and he is helpless regardless of why the fight is happening.
Sameway Arjuna tried to stop the same from Poorisiravus.

Come to Karna:
4) (i) According to Bandava and Gourava Karna is someone ie son of a chariot. Thats it. For Dhryodana Karna is his best friend. Just think from Bandava side. Karna is a great Veera great Dhana Veera, unbeatable., etc .
What ever it is Bandavas dont have any personal angry particular to Karna. Only thing Panjali rejected him in her Swayamwara. That is her wish since it is her swayamwara. Just assume (or real may be) she insulted Karna in that swayamwara. Taking revenge on a woman who is not equally challenged is called Dharma?
Though equally challenged taking revenge when one is in a helpless state is called revenge?
(ii) Take the friendship of Karna with Dhryodhana. Just think I am your friend and I am always taking care of you nicely by supporting you all the way (giving kingdom, food, money, what ever), for that if I tell you to kill one of my own relative(who is not a wrong person) will you do it??

Karna is telling since Dhryodhana gave life to me and I am debtor for him so I must support to his side. Is this correct? If he gives life you just help him in another way or advice him to go in way of Dharma. But he missed to do this and started doing everything to kill Arjuna. Though Karna not done any Dharma (in Bandava's case), he worked so hard to get Hasthiras to kill Bandavas and practiced more for the war to win Arjuna. Just think about Arjuna , he must be surprised that Karana is not his brother(like Dhryodhana) or enemy then why he has to act as if killing Arjuana is the only target in his life (though there are small small mistakes from both the sides).

5) Ashwathama:
Again he is the son of the teacher. He is also unbeatable and knowing which is Dharma he supported Dhryodhana only . Nobody is dare to tell Dhryodhana what is Dharma what is good what is bad, but all supported him.

6) Killing Dhryodhana:

Dhryodhana also had a KEDAYAM from his mother's side. That no one can kill Dhryodhana with hitting his parts except his thigh, then how can a person win him by defeating him.

So from Mahabharatham What our Lord Krishna tried to tell is "oh my sweet people, there is KALIYUGA going to start at end of Mahabhratha which will be most like this Mahabharatha story. There wont be any justice for good people. Good will suffer and bad will enjoy. Hence just see this story and what I taught to Arjuna just follow this. Do your duty and give your Praise & insults to me only. Dont worry about your PAVAM & PUNIYAM. Just leave all these to me. And do only goodness, if you see any bad happens in the world take what ever tool (this is what Bandava's did) you get and kill the ATHARMAM and give life to DHARMAM.

All above is my thoughts. Not to insult or praise any one in Bharatham. If anybody things in a different way I am eagerly waiting to see.