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Re: தர்மம் அதர்மத்தை அநீதியால் வெல்வதால் என்ன பெருமை?
— by Narmatha Narmatha
மஹாபாரதம் கௌரவா்களுக்கும் பாண்டவா்களுக்கும் நடந்தது, ஒருத்தரை பத்தி நல்லதா கெட்டதோ பேசும் முன் நம்மை அந்த இடத்தில் பொருத்தி பார்க்க, பீக்ஷ்மரை யாராலும் கொல்ல முடியாது(வெல்வது வேறு விசயம்). பல நாள் துயரப்பட்ட பாண்டவர்கள் வேறு வழியில்லாமல் போா்க்களம் புகும் போது பீக்ஷ்மரை கொல்லாமல் ஜெயிப்பது எவ்வாறு,
Sorry I dont know how to type in tamil fast. Just typed using google transltor and felt difficult. So continuing in english. Sorry friends.Forgive if any mistakes in this and I am ready to correct myself if anything wrong.

Killing Bhisma:
1) So without killing Bhisma how Dharma will win? . Bhisma can die only on his own wish and he himself gave idea for his defeat. At the same time if it is Dhrogam (cheating) to Dhryodhana means, just think why Bhisma is doing like that? Both sides are equal to him. That means the behavior of Dhryodhana is not good for Bhisma. Is there any mistake from Bandavas?

Killing Dhronar:
2)  Dhrona is a teacher for both the party. But he supports one side. Just think when you are attending your 12th maths exam if your teacher writes exam for his own or on behalf of someone in your class(either your friend or enemy who ever may be). Is it Dharma? Is it possible to kill Dhrona? If no then how Bandava will give life to Dharmam? If yes - How a student can kill his own favorable teacher without hesitation ?

And a king should not think for his own fame or fate. He must give preference to the people first. In that way if Yudhistra thinks that I just want the fame of "Dharmar" then who will take care of Dharma?