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Power of Arjun

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hello arul,

I am reading vivatha medai articles from last two weeks. I have lot of questions about the creation of character of karnan. But now I have a doubt. In the time of Mahabhartham war, karanan had many astharas like sakthi asthira, naga asthira and many more.  so he was so powerful on that time. But my question is at the time of war what type of asthiras were ajuanan had. Because arjunan not used many vepons like karan. he only prove his archery skills.
my doubt is if the karanan's strength is justified by his archery skills or the asthras he had. and other question is if arjun did not beat karan with our the help of krishna?
because still I could not accept karna as powelful than arjun.

I expect good replies.

Thank you